Loving the life – the launderette

Following the trauma of ironing my knickers! (see previous post) I spend an enjoyable two hours in the launderette, it  ‘takes all sorts to make a world’  and it’s the only way to wash all my rugs in one go!

Launderettes don’t appear to have changed since my nappy washing days. There is the option of a  trail of washing powder in a plastic cup for 20p (think it used to be a shilling), white plastic baskets, clinical benches and people who do their washing at home and then pinch all the dryers.

Today a lovely grandmother a Mrs. Jones of Saltdean, tells me I’ve just wasted 20p in the drying machine as it’s the only one that takes £1 coins. She goes on to confide she’s down here with mats from around the lavatory on account of her grandson not being too good with his aim!

After a few more pleasantries she shares her concern for Prince Harry and how he must be a bit of a handful for the Queen!  When Mrs Jones finally departs, I settle down to read my Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Jubilee’, until the rugs are finally bone dry and I can go home in triumph – like a real tried and tested housewife!



Starving – bring on the barbie!

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1 Response to Loving the life – the launderette

  1. I love his image! We have so few launderettes left.

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