The life’s too short to stuff a mushroom syndrome

Bank Holiday – one of my friends is having a cream tea at the Bluebell Railway, sounds yummy, might take Alan for his birthday. Another is heading for a castle belonging to the National Trust, a third is fixing a barbie!

I’ve just sat down after 2 days and nights solid re-organising the house, more space all round. I was so pleased with it I found myself blowing on mirrors and ironing my knickers. What’s happening to me? I’ve never been into stuffing mushrooms and knicker ironing ever!  I always agreed with Shirley Conran,  lifes too short for that mushroom thing!

In a minute its down to the launderette with the rugs, I’m hoping it will be therapeutic watching them swishing about, my own little window on the world?  But really I’ve stashed away Caroline Duffy’s new book ‘Jubilee’  so it not really the sacrifice I’m pretending.

Later we’re heading for that barbie…wow food and good company… perhaps I haven’t quite lost the plot!   Ann

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1 Response to The life’s too short to stuff a mushroom syndrome

  1. TheBigForest says:

    Brilliant post. Ironing your knickers! Ann you are officially wonderful and you make us laugh!

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