Wow – working horses on the Tye



This was part of the Friends of Telscombe Tye Heritage Open Day.

It reminded me of the tales the Copper family famous for singing folk songs and working the farms in the area. A new generation of Copper children still give performances from time to time.

The Friends of the Tye are a conservation group of volunteers, intent on preserving the natural environment.  They have recently re-created an ancient dew pond.


There was no indication on the coast road of the nearest bus stop or a notice to indicate the entrance so we,  like several others,  went too far into Telscombe and ended up walking past houses and around fields for miles!  Eventually we came across the dew pond and later walked down to the village, where there was a tiny craft fair and later apparently,  Morris dancers.


Some kind person gave us a lift up the hill and eventually we came to where it had all started and the wonderful horses. Just behind the fence on the coast road!

There are other opportunities to see the working horses – see details below.

Forge Wood Farm, The Estate Office, Eridge Park, Eridge Green, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN3 9 JT
Telephone 01892 750105 
For more information – they have
a wonderful event planned for the 30th September and/or details of how to sponsor an individual horse.

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