Brilliant Pighog Poetry starts a new season at the Redroaster

I rushed off to the latest Pighog Poetry event at Redroaster to find that the programme featured poets with poems related to breast cancer. Ummm… plenty of food for thought!

How often do we think about this topic unless someone we know suffers from it? The evening certainly made me more aware of he consequences, survival, the camaraderie of those involved,  and of course the fact that, in such circumstances creativity so often thrives.

Wonderful poets, including Clare Best and Kim Lalskey read poems, some of which were cancer related. I particularly liked Clare’s poem about a rather over zealous breast cancer care nurse!

However there were poems about other topics, including part of a  series from Kim about the first woman astrologer in 1780,  brilliantly researched and conceived.

Several poets from a meet up group, associated with Brighton’s Breast Cancer Support group,  were in the audience. Others had  attended  one of Kim’s workshops and were reading their poems publicly for the first time. Although some poems were inevitably poignant, others had touches of unexpected humour.

The open mic section at the end,  had six poets up on stage, with poems on very different subjects Barbara Jeffries read one inspired by a visit to Poetry Panassus at the South Bank. Well done all the brave souls who took their 2 minute, slot you were all fantastic and appreciated by the audience.

A really friendly atmosphere at the Redroaster tonight, The event is run for Pighog by Michaela Ridgway, who is also a poet in her own right, tonight she excelled herself,  by not only compering, but reading two of her poems as part of the open mic. Michaela hardly ever puts  herself on the open mic list, but then there was a space at the very end! I for one was glad she did. I love to hear the poetry of people that I think I know, so many different facets of their lives and preoccupations emerge.

John Davies from Pighog Press was there to help the proceedings along and the regular Pighog event DJ (must remember his name next time)  offered some great musical interludes. All the takings were donated to a local Breast Cancer Charity.

The next Pighog event will  be at the Redroaster as usual and is sure to be well worth a visit

Tues 23 October.
Connected by their Irish and African roots, Paul Casey and Afric McGlinchy will be featured at Beyond Borders – a Pighog Poetry Night Special.

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