Poets mittens

The rhythm of the needles,

the colours, the contrasts, the pattern combinations, making mittens is like creating poetry, but mine are warm and pretty and a present from a friend.

I always loved that childhood rhyme all about  kittens that lost their mittens.   I can remember most of it to this day,  so I’m calling them poets mittens.

Poetic moments at the Open Art Cafe

I wore my new mitts to the Open Art Cafe this morning for my ‘Pop in and Write a Poem’. After a few warm ups we extended the theme from last month about childhood homes. This time we thought about people or objects within the home that we  remembered.

Everyone got into the spirit of the theme and eventually our poems included thoughts about –  a farthing stuck to the stairs –  a piano – a lovely fire guard. A postcard activity included  poems about a race horse and an Arabian servant and by the end of the session everyone had drafts of three quite different poems.

I think this is the third year I have been doing the workshops and we even have  our own space in ‘the smallest room in the house’ to display our poems, thanks to Aimie, the owner of the cafe.  So if you live near Rottingdean why not pop in for a coffee and have a look and maybe be inspired to write a poem yourself!

Please note the workshops are free and on the first Wednesday in the month, so if you are  an aspiring or apprentice poets you would be welcome.  However and I don’t cater for the more experienced poet either, they usually have their pick of  poetry courses and  their own networks after all!

Oh! and if you want to know about the mittens I know the knitter!

(Post script -This is a poem I did earlier,  as they used to say on Blue Peter – much earlier – like three years ago, everyone’s recent poems are on display in the smallest room. I do not publish any of the groups poets on this blog,  as once they are on a blog are considered published and not eligible for competitions)

Auntie Joyce

A liking for stew swimming

with mutton and barley.

Or was it because it went a long way

with a family to feed

in those post-war years?

Adored wife of a faithful husband,

whose gentle humour held a

happy family together, who worked

most of his life for Kelloggs.

A respectable, responsible couple,

pillars of the community,

firm and forthright on the outside,

soft and smiley on the inside,

laughter her legacy.

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