Eccles our look-a-like puppet grows his own!

Eccles sends greetings to all the other ‘look-a-like Goons’, who he believes were busy performing The Last Ever Goon Script outside the Strutton Arms recently!

 He felt far too tired to go up to town, so in the absence of a BBC limo to drive him up in style, he insisted on singing the Ying Tong song (extremely badly) on his allotment on The Weald, while planting his new crops,  with surprising results! A money tree no less!

Now he’s got the ‘grow your own bug’ and there’s no stopping him.

Eccles can only hope they recorded the jollity up in town on their old box brownies and/or their ancient wind up black and white cine cameras, so he can view it all at his leisure,  on his super duper blackberry, or was it raspberry, the one he is hoping to buy with his ill gotten gains.

Ok, so little things please little minds!

I was once Telegoons puppeteer and am proud to say this puppet was made by me, in including his wonderful carved hands. He appeared at a Telegoon convention.

The Telegoons was a TV series based on The Goon Show.

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