Our latest poetic efforts grace the smallest room in the house.


The Open Art Cafe – Rottingdean

Our latest poems, written by aspiring and apprentice poets are on display in the cafe in smallest room in the house. Four poems were inspired by paintings.  ‘Gazelle’ about a race horse based on a painting by Toulouse Lautrec.  ‘A model for Millais’  by Millais ‘Ophelia’. Another from a painting and the story of the ‘Ice Queen’ and another  a poetic introduction to  ‘The Goose Girl’.

Today however our poems (in draft form) were about autumn, harvests, bonfires and romance! So those living near Rottingdean will be in for some more ‘wall to wall’ poetry very soon! For this set we drew on hibernation, tried list poems and some gained more ideas from pictures on  postcards. We all went home with some ideas to work on.

I don’t cater for experienced or published poets, they have their own networks and I am not thinking of people who can often afford to go on professionally run courses either.  Instead I concentrate on apprentice (like myself) and aspiring poets. Different people come and go but we also have a few regulars.

I don’t print poems written in the cafe on this blog,  as they would considered ‘published’ and not eligible to be entered into competitions. However I often publish my own poetry or verse here from time to time as I seldom go in for comps.

If you missed  verse on  ‘The Toad’ –  link is below!


Poetry ‘Pop in and write poetry’ are on the first Wednesday of the month 10.30 to 12.30.

Thank you to Stephanie who always includes a little write up in the Rottingdean News.

My first book ‘Don’t Throw Away the Daisies’ is usually on sale at the cafe and there are laminates of poetry for children too.

Do feel free to come and join in!




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