Hoipolloi – Hugh Hughes you’ve got to hand it to him!

‘Stories from an invisible town’ – at the Pavilion. What a gem, a multi-layered story of a family presented by Hugh, his older brother and sister. But are they?  Common sense  says all this  must be well crafted theatre, but Hugh’s warmth and  humour,  the tentative start, encourages one to suspend disbelieve.  Gradually we too, as the audience  find ourselves more than passive onlookers, encouraged as we are to be completely engaged.

Brilliant in conception and presentation, with extracts from family videos, face to face discussions, tiny dramas, a radio programme, all featuring the changing scene within a family. With childhood reminiscences,  re-enactments of sibling rivalry and grown up altercations.

Low key musical backing coming in and out just when appropriate, half lecture style, half stand up comedy style, together with touching vignettes, particularly when all engaged preparing Delyth’s flat for mam’s recuperation.

More on – Hugh Hughes – http://www.invisabletownstories.co.uk apparently allows one to watch the whole thing on line. ‘Hoipolloi’ the company supporting new work – (they have picked a winner with this one)  offer more details of their/Hughes  work on – www.hoipolloi.org.uk yet to check both out myself!

A friend treated me to this one, well chosen  – magical  and moving we both loved it!

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