Knock knock – who reads the post?

Checked the stats. for my blog on Sunday! I’m a born worrier! Are they insurance salesmen,  people researching what I buy online, someone waiting to steal my stainless steel cutlery? Truth is I still feel a bit of an innocent abroad when it comes to blogging.

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 38
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 36
Croatia FlagCroatia 1
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 1
Brunei Darussalam FlagBrunei Darussalam 1

Sometimes of course people press ‘like’  and that’s reassuring, or they comment and that’s even better.  I had a French chef register to follow my blog the other day, he has had open heart surgery and is using blogging partly as a means of recovery. What’s more he makes great onion soup! A lovely man from Turkey keeps track of what I say now, he even re-blogged the post on the visit to Charleston!

I’ve had a difficult wisdom tooth out, so for two days I’ve have been in bed,  with painkillers, a teddy bear propping up a bag of frozen peas on my cheek and a laptop balanced on the duvet. No thankfully no pics of that charade…

instead I’ll give you sketch from my poem  ‘Day Trippers’ –  very old sketch, but I still have affection for it…

and a quick pastel sketch of a wagon at Appleby Fair, which reminds me, if my teeth ever settle down, I’ve got some good bits of film of  for youtube!

Oh and for the real photographers,  Simon de Montfort’s castle in the Dordogne, sadly given over to luxury apartments, so you can’t visit it. Simon de Montfort fought in the battle of Lewes in 1264

Whoops …time to rustle the peas and try to get some sleep!!!

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One Response to Knock knock – who reads the post?

  1. TheBigForest says:

    Mmmm, we we know this feeling so well!
    Why is someone from Croatia viewing your blog!!! Well of course the reason is why not, its a mighty fine blog just ripe for international consumption!


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