Buffy Bear and frozen peas to the rescue

Went to dentist to have complicated extraction…whoops they look at the wrong side of my mouth, protest, hopefully it’s sorted!  After endless drilling, cracking and various other ghastly noises I go home to Ibruprofen and frozen peas balanced on my face by a teddy bear!

Crawl in and out all week to meet definite commitments, but most of the time me and the bears do our writing in bed. Can never find my glasses and computers have minds of their own, they mess about, refuse to find the right photo file, get stroppy when you want them to save something vital, come up with distracting messages and updates!

We writers just have to be persistent!

(promised not to do a pic of this charade, but the bear says I must think of his followers)

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3 Responses to Buffy Bear and frozen peas to the rescue

  1. TheBigForest says:

    Oooch! Hope you are feeling all shiny and bright again soon Ann!

  2. marian philips says:

    Love Buffy Bear and Frozen Peas! Marian

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