Never a dull moment Mr Punch

  Pop along to the fishing  museum with Paul my youngest son, Jamie middle grandson and Paul’s Mr Punch.

Mr Punch stops at every stall to buy an ice cream, he is such an attention seeker!

(note the bits in italics are the surreal elements of post)

We are to meet Glyn Edwards who has a workshop and show space here.  We give him a DVD of our film ‘The Big Grin’ –Hooray,   Glyn is going to  get it included  in  the National Punch and Judy Archive.  Glyn gives us a ‘That’s the way to do it!” umbrella.

The film had 900 hits on youtube but I took it down to re-edit, so now it starts again and has  35.   It will take time to build up a good number again if ever!

 Mr Punch doesn’t care, he’s got a new brolly and  dances back to the pier under his giant umbrella

We move on  to Jamie’s favourite greasy-spoon cafe for burgers.Got good news Granny Ann” he announces “I’ve got offers from Warwick and Durham and even an interview for Cambridge!”  “Golly” say I “That’s good!” He nods, cheerfully taking a big bite of cheesy burger bun.

“That’s the way to do it.” says Mr Punch. Now what does he know for goodness sake!

When we get back I show Paul the latest 5 min Punch and  Judy film.



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