Poems that I forgot for good reason?

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The last signs of summer, A memory of evacuation, Clutterbugs, Poetic mittens, The contents of my handbag, The May Fair at Covent Garden,  Lavender bottles,   The toad,  Haiku’s, Moth invasion, Pelvic Floor

   Some of my new poems are not here as they are out flirting with competitions, a reasonably hopeless quest,


others ended up in the bin!

redundant poems

Older poems from book are at the end and include -Moving On, Reconciliation, Salt Sea Winds, Beach Combing, Weaving Spells, The Oleander. A Panic Attack and Once Upon a Time, often with illustrations in colour.

poetic mittens

A Panic Attack

I catch the train in seconds

am breathless when I stop

but did I leave the iron on,

eggs boiling in a pot?

Once a niggling doubt begins

the journey is a blank

there’s water flowing from the bath

emptying the tank.

The bathroom ceiling’s

in the lounge

the goldfish flip and flap,

cat’s eating them for breakfast

before he takes a nap.

The water’s fused the electric

it’s dark as well as wet.

I’m searching for my mobile

it’s bad as it can get.

It isn’t in my pocket, it isn’t in my bag

did I drop it on the bus?

Am I going mad?

Now I see the house ablaze

the iron has burned the board

but great, I’ve found my mobile

so thank you, thank you Lord.

Press my neighbour’s number

hurry up please do.

“Now can you check the kitchen

the ironing and the loo?”

Now head in hand I’m praying,

no problems will be found.

Thank God she’s back and telling me

things are safe and sound.

I’m sitting smiling on the train

happy with my lot

grateful for small mercies.

Oh damn!

I’ve missed my stop.

By Ann Perrin


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