Rottingdean in the rain and Cinderella

Cinderella and Buttons       ugly  sisters-1          Prince and the cheeky Fairy Godmother-1        prince andfinger

I was walking down the High Street in Rottingdean in the rain, loaded with shopping, after an afternoon volunteering at The Grange. So lovely to sit there for the afternoon surrounded by paintings and with enough time to pop along to the local shops afterwards. Small shops, the kind where one can get a decent piece of meat, where the owner is happy to cut a slice of something nice just for one, sells lovely fresh eggs, cures his own ham, makes pork pies! At the greengrocer, freshly cooked beetroot, a single garlic, a handful of different fresh veg. Not bucketfuls as in the supermarket.

But suddenly there was my friend Sue in her car caught at the lights, rolling down her  window calling to me.  “Just come back from Lincoln” …she yelled “was watching your Cinderella in an Inn in Stamford last night. Brilliant”   Wow! Someone watching my Cinderella on a rainy night in Stamford. Thank you Sue and in case you missed it!

Made in impossible circumstances, film, puppets etc all done with me and my late mum at 78, in my tiny loft in London. Script by my mum and me!

Setting the scene joan and ann

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