Salt Sea Winds and pebbles on the beach

1-impressions sections headingWhen I was walking on the beach on Boxing Day and taking pictures of the seagulls flying over a raging sea at the bus stop today, I was reminded of my Salt Sea Wind Poem.  I have been known to wander for ages on the beach looking at the infinite variety of pebbles then picking up the one that and feels just right for that moment. Other people rush off to the sales to buy a new dress – how very wise!!!

                                                          The Salt Sea Winds

Where salt sea winds make their eerie sounds

and grey-green waves come crashing to the shore

and water washed pebbles tumble from obscurity

into an ever changing collage of muted colour.


High on the shore, a beached starfish lies rigid in the sun,

greedy seagulls eat oysters, leaving empty shells abandoned,

bobbly brown seaweed mingles with ribbons of green,

chalky cuttlefish lie beside a shiny skate egg husk.


One pebble, grey and white – with a gleam of light

shining through its centre, a shape, strangely soothing.

Rolled over in the palm of my hand its hard cold surface

seems like a symbol of something mystic, other worldly.


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