Do you iron your knickers?

1-DSC07721It was after the aqua class when a few of us wandered upstairs for a coffee that the subject of knickers arose.

How tidy are our knicker drawers? Do we iron our pants? (one of my daughters-in-law once did). Are we into colour co-ordinated undies? Do we chuck out those that have seen a washing machine once too often? Do we keep our best pair for the gym?!

Which are the most unwearable that a partner or husband has ever bought us?

This all came about because one of our number lives alone and a friend had had a minor stroke and was rushed into hospital.. luckily the friend is getting better slowly.  “Now,” said our ‘older lady,’  “I have packed a ‘hospital bag’ so no one has to go though my knicker drawer!”   We were not sure she wasn’t tempting fate, but in the end agreed it was a sensible precaution as was her determination to have one of those personal emergency call alarms fitted.

As the conversation lightened it moved to nice knickers, the ones that one could once purchase at ‘Knickerbox’ on mainline stations, those paper pants of the sixties, M&S and the kind that stop one’s circulation in order to look slim! The recycling bins in Kemp Town  welcome dingy bras apparently,  but no one was sure about ancient pants!

So you see how intellectual we are,  after aqua at David Lloyd!

NB Radio 4’s ‘You and Yours’ is talking about ‘how old are your underpants’ today …so we were ahead of the game! My partner is always buying new pants!

I once wrote about knicker elastic going metric ‘droopy drawers not withstanding’ for ‘ You and Yours’ shows how old I am!  Got to stop. just nipping out to buy some new knickers and No I never iron mine!

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