Feeling virtuous!

DSC07993    DSC07988    DSC07971    DSC07967

Some of my friends have finished with lovers and tell me they are feeling very virtuous, getting rid of things they no longer need/want/ love!  I feel virtuous just emptying out a couple of food cupboards. At least there is no sign of tins with ancient sell – by dates (they have to be really ancient for me to take any notice)!

I’ve even cleaned the bottom of the fridge  where the salad leaves have sometimes seen better days.

Filled two bags with clothes that I haven’t worn for a year,  for the charity shop. Although I did regret chucking out my posh grey top with satin ties last time, but then we can all make mistakes!  But clothes are clothes and I had too many. I tend to opt for one of three long skirts same colour tops and my favourite colour is black!

Finished printing out new poems, checked competition deadlines. Actually found some envelopes.  (Always get in a muddle entering comps on line). Prefer to see the printed page and much better for correcting my endless typos!

But now will have to trudge down to the post in the snow! Think positive – a great  opportunity for a few more snowy pics!

DSC07991  DSC08000  DSC07970  DSC07965-001

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