Why is a fasting diet so fiddly?

DSC08168 - Copy  DSC08167 - Copy  DSC08171 - CopyEven the new ‘two day fasting’ diets are full of recipes. Bits of salmon or strips of chicken cooked in different ways with  just ‘one handful’ of sugar snaps, or a teeny weeny portion of spinach! Nothing about a big bag of ‘leaves’ happily wilting in the bottom of my fridge!

One article advocates that  the ‘woman’ has oven baked smoked haddock for lunch while on the same day ‘the guy’ has roast mackerel! Almost the same calories! And I wonder which one of the pair is supposed fiddle about in the kitchen preparing this lot! Presumably both parties have a job… or two!

Luckily the breakfasts looked like the easiest option!  I’ll forget the recommended brekky day one, settle for my cappucino at the gym after aqua, go for the best of the brekkies for the guys,  two poached eggs on toast  for lunch and even one of the ‘girly’ breakkies with fruit and things for tea.

DSC08172 - Copy           DSC08169              DSC08173

Fiddly fastings not for me, I crave scones and jam for tea!

I’ll run, I’ll walk I’ll even swim, I’ll get to aqua at the gym,

I’ll do my best without a doubt, but endless recipes are out!

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