One door closes another one opens?

The Rottingdean wishing stone wall? One door closes and another opens?

Chinese New Year on the 10th February –  another reason to close the door on anything draining, open a few more doors to new possibilities.

Last year was the year of the dragon,  So I could be fiery without apologising, strong,  brave and as insufferable as usual!   One has to look on the bright side!

Chinese celebrations start after the traditional procession with lanterns, visiting friends and family with presents and fireworks, sounds good to me!

This year is the year of the Snake…but many Chinese people regard 2013 as a good year too, because it is right after the auspicious Year of the Dragon  –  wow, more chance of a prosperous year,  hope for me yet!

DSC03013So with all this  in mind I’ve made a list of things that I like doing (at my age, how long has one got?) so there will be a lot more time devoted to these.

In addition I might even be brave enough to conquer the ‘downloading’ process  for poems for competitions, crack the next lesson on my harp (slow progress so far) and plan some new departures, such as  journeys and  one or two city breaks!

Little things please little mind!

‘Opening doors’ does not exclude doing  ‘goodly things’ for others of course and fighting ‘the system’ when things are wrong. For instance I support those who have lost loved ones at the hands of the NHS, (today’s news story) I know about this from personal experience. ‘Heads should roll!’

On this topic too, it might be worth noting that ‘PALS’ can be really helpful if you have someone in hospital not getting ‘proper’ care. They have an  office in there somewhere!  Don’t wait, get to them early!

But  for the moment I’m intent on putting more energy into keeping my ‘own little house in order ‘ opening a few more doors,  while I still can!

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