Love is…the easiest way to write your own love poem.

1-DSC05713-001 bowl of strawberries copyright Ann Perrin 2012 1-DSC04872 Passion flower in our garden 1-DSC06639

(for people who say they could never attempt writing a poem).

‘Poetry is for everyone not just the chosen few’ Charles Causley.

Write down a colour that represents love to you.  Try to pin it down to more than just saying ‘red’. If love were a song which one?  A fruit, a piece of furniture, a memory, a person, a flower, a vegetable, a book, a place, an animal, you get the general idea?

Now take any  unnecessary words. Juggle the lines about, remove any that jar. Hey presto done!  Here are some we wrote in The Open Art Cafe in Rottingdean last week, they won’t win prizes,  but we had fun writing them!

          DSC02309 1-DSC06241 DSC05258 DSC05476


Love is

Pink and purple fuschias

Edith Piaf’s ‘Non je ne regrette rien’

A freshly baked victoria sponge

my grandmother’s open arms

‘What a Wonderful World’

played by dad  on his baby grand

Deep blue lavender fields

that summer in Provence

Layers of an artichoke

hiding it’s heart

Alice in Wonderland

and a tired white knight

A cottage down an unmade road

 a tree-house in the shrubbery

A tortoise crawling out of hibernation

into the warm summer sun.

Ann Perrin


Love is

A scarlet flame

The sound of a songbird

The ripest of fruits

A favourite armchair

Love is for those I  knew in my youth

Those who changed me forever

Love’s in my garden

the scent of full roses

And oversized pumpkins

Love’s in the worlds

I go to when reading

Love lies in the land

In ancient stone circles

Love is the memory

Of my old ginger cat.

He loved me too.

 by Penny Barham 


Love is

Love is the heart chakra

A generous shade of green.

Love is like biting into

a luscious mango

or sitting on a

well worn favourite chair.

Love is a lilting rhythm

invoking long ago embraces

by a fountain in a foreign city.

Love is forget-me-nots in May

The face of a friend

A book that opens to your favourite poem

A battered dog eared bear

You’ve kept since childhood.

Love is all you need and all you know.

 by Ruth Oliver


Love is.

A yellow gold crocus

pushing up through the snow,

A friend from childhood taking time to call,

The sharp tang of newly pulled rhubarb,

Richard Thompson singing Beeswing,

Curling up on the sofa

reading the Gruffalo.

The aroma of Lily of the valley that clings to your shawl,

I still keep in the bottom drawer.

The sweet song of a Blackbird calling from the highest tree,

My Nephew’s hand reaching out for mine.

by Karen Kempson

Karen is a special friend I once met on an Arvon course who sent me her poem.

All above published with author’s permission. 

 Flowers 5 copyright Ann Perrin 2012 Artichoke copyright Ann Perrin 2012  Flowers 1                     Ann Perrin Aunt Con's rhubarb

Now why not write your poem on a piece of card, decorate it, send to someone or just enjoy it yourself.

‘Poetry is for everyone not just the chosen few’ Charles Causley.

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