Falling in love with shadows

 A place for ghosts and shadows DSC07104-001  1-DSC06241  DSC05456

There is something very appealing about shadows!

Shadow puppetry is popular all over the world and is often very intricate and complicated. This one is simple and was made to provide contrast in our marionette film about Alice in Wonderland

film lasts less than 2 minutes

I am intrigued by shadows, there was a book, popular in the 40s and 50s called  ‘Daddy Long Legs’  all about an orphan who was not allowed to meet her benefactor, until one day she  catches a glimpse of his shadow and he becomes known as  ‘Daddy-Long-Legs’ . I loved that story – later it was made into a film!.

So just goes to show how easy it is  – falling in love with shadows

About ann perrin

'Finding my feet in Brighton' - annperrin.wordpress.com. Moved to Brighton with my long term partner five years ago. I am a sometimes poet, writer, artist, puppeteer. My claim to brief fame, treading the boards with my marionettes, (I was in Variety) in the same shows as Max Miller and later Morecambe and Wise. Later did the Telegoons on TV. Alan has taught himself the banjo, plays bluegrass and fiddle for folk. We have recently acquired an allotment. My poetry book 'Don't Throw Away The Daisies' is available from Amazon and The Open Arts Cafe in Rottingdean, where I run a free 'pop in and write poetry' once a month, some people come who have never written poetry before. Inspirations and fun. Currently editing my memoir, interested publishers please note...you don't want to miss a gem! Yes I am joking! But then one can get lucky? Ann
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