Eating my own words…


I’ve know I’ve mentioned  ‘the fast diet’ before and was not too keen on the idea from the articles about it, but  I’ve now read ‘the book from cover to cover, I’ve changed my mind. Admittedly I got a bit bored with the details of the fasting experiments tried by the author and the fiddly recipes, but I’m about to give it a go, in that I’ll eat a bit more simply two days a week, add  in some extra walks for exercise and abandoning any idea of midnight raids in the kitchen for chocolate!

DSC08255   DSC08257   DSC08258

Lovely walks in Brighton

Some of the most useful info in a nutshell if like me you have been told you are overweight!

1. Fasting as a concept has been around for generations including in moderation and for religious reasons and usually no harm done (but in this day and age ask your doctor’s advise first)

2. Eating in this way and losing weight will help avoid diabetes, heart disease, prostate cancer in men and other cancers in women.

3. Limited fasting may well postpone the onset of Alzheimer’s with convincing information to prove this is the case.

4. You eat normally the food you like (not to excess of course) for five days and a limited fast for 2 days with 500 calories woman – 600 men. With this regime you can expect a 1lb loss for each fast day. Apparently this loss is in fat so – 10lb of fat in each ten weeks of 2 day fasting. (I think I’ll got for 800 to be of the safe side…ok not quite eaten my words)

5. The glossy pics in the centre of the book give you the gist of recipes.  I think a reasonably intelligent person could work them out from the pictures and adapt them to sustain the diet.

I am not keen on the recipe section, but I am not the kind of girl who has a ‘handful of coriander’, a tsp of chopped ginger, the sugar snap peas and the finely chopped cabbage at the ready!  Although for this particular one I did at least have the half of lemon available,  if no longer likely to adorn a gin and tonic!  But page 97 and Mimi’s experience ‘a dozen ways of making this diet work for you’ is worth a read.

So now  I’ve chosen the best days for my fasting, days when I have plenty of things to do  and likely less likely to be thinking about food.  I’ll keep exercise going with my aqua aerobics at the gym and of course more walks and keep you posted, but not to boringly often!


At the end of the day it was worth lashing out £7.99 for this book, even if the poet inside me was saying buy Sharon Olds latest book instead!  But in truth I got her book anyway and the latest Jacob Polley,  because I am convinced that all this fasting could also well save money!

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