Wow! Don’t miss Pighog’s new poetry season at the Redroaster

A full house again for the new series of Pighog poetry readings at the        Redroaster cafe last night.   Here we have Tim Beech DSC08326-001reading from two of his books. Great stuff and Tim, we learn, is a shepherd as well as a poet. Wioletta Grzegorzewka reading her touching poetry in Polish with  English translations. DSC08332  DSC08330 

A new experience for me to hear the music of the Polish language and then have it beautifully translated.

Last but not least the warm and wonderful Ciaran O’Driscoll,

DSC08329 both poet and novelist.  Don’t you love the Irish lilt!

With Michaela as compere and Dana, the enthusiastic new addition to the team, ready to excite the audience with good deals on some of the Pighog Press pamphlets etc, what more could you want!  DSC08325

Added to the intoxicating mix we had a few brave open mic poets, of course, in the shape of  Chris Isles, Pete Howells, Brian Fogarty, Dee Anlngi, Jinpa Smith and Alice Walker who all read their poems about such things as bees, love and life like professionals, which of course, some of them are!

But just in case you forgot to put that date in your diary here is the next one and then on for the whole season, once a month.

Thurs 28 Mar

Judith Cair launches The Ship’s Eye in the Pighog Sussex Series
Nicholas Murray (Melos Press, Rack Press)
William Palmer (Melos Press, Rack Press)

Oh, and in case you are wondering if I’ve got shares in ‘Piggy’ or something! No! It is just that there is such a lovely atmosphere, a great DJ with music to welcome you in! True I do help out on the door sometimes and once in a while manage an open mic slot. But where else do you get such a range of talented poets on your doorstep, great to hear and if you are an ‘apprentice’ poet like me, listen and learn?

I think that one of the nicest aspects of it is that you can go on your own and feel like part of the wider ‘poetry family’. Enjoy a tea, coffee, or glass of wine, not forgetting super cakes,  all served with the usual care and attention of the lovely staff at Redroaster.

OK I’ll shut up. See you there next time?  Ann

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