If you didn’t get any flowers today – enjoy some of mine!

DSC03702 Lovely shade of sunny yellow copyright Ann Perrin 2012 Robin's red rose bought for mother's day, copyright Ann Perrin June 2012 1-DSC08394  DSC03322 DSC04587 DSC03688 DSC03687 Flower 6 copyright Ann Perrin 2012 DSC03676 DSC08083 DSC02407

I’m not too keen on all the commercialism of mother’s day despite the fact I am a mother.

After all, some people choose not to have children. Some women can’t have children, some children disappear or die, parents may fall out with them, other folk just did not find the right partner to have any with!

So the flowers – lets face it – great all the year round.

(Fixing this post while listening to digit on Sussex Radio, they chatter away about all and everything plant and gardening, you can ring in about a dead twig in a pot – great prog!)

Cupid is always around love afairs

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1 Response to If you didn’t get any flowers today – enjoy some of mine!

  1. Wow! You’ve got quite the green thumb! Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

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