Where did he get that hat?

l1-DSC08379 Well, he made it himself in leather…

So is Professor Paul Perrin ready for magic tricks, doves, white rabbits? Or just the new man about town?      He may find his Mr Punch could get quite  jealous?

Time for some fun – for anyone that missed them!

Highlights from Rottingdean Show (8 mins. 20 seconds)

Mr Punch goes up to Town  – shown at big show at OVFM (5 mins)

Have a happy day! Professor Paul Perrin's Punch and Judy

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2 Responses to Where did he get that hat?

  1. Love the hat and in the awe that it is homemade in leather. How? (oooh and Why?)

  2. ann perrin says:

    Not sure exactly how, but I did get a posh leather purse last Christmas hand tooled! The why? Well I think he has magic on his mind! Both my kids are still a complete mystery and grandsons now 18, 17 and 16 warm wonderful and ditto – mysteriesX

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