Thom Gunn saved from the soup.

The park near the Poetry school in Lambeth, ever optimistic roof garden nearby, the wild garden outside Lambeth Palace, Thom Gunn’s poetry

1-DSC08404 1-DSC08403 1-DSC08401 1-DSC08408

Poet on the run

for the next train to Brighton

pot of misu soup slips from  her hand

head first into leather bucket bag

rescued by a man from Haywards Heath

with the boring bits from the Telegraph –

Property, Motoring, Money and Sport.

mobile still has a watery window

green seaweed or is it soggy cabbage

weeps from the camera

her Myslexia diary

languishes on the radiator

but Thom Gunn’s poetry books are safe

tucked as they were into neat plastic bags

some things are destined to last.

(The course  was about humour in poetry, with a  warm and well prepared poet/ tutor, read a lot, writing exercises, lovely fellow students.  Will dip into my notes later on but  glad Thomm Gunn’s was saved from the soup – present from a friend and essential reading on the train!  Was not at my best I guess had had a virus and still a bit wobbly)

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4 Responses to Thom Gunn saved from the soup.

  1. karen says:

    just brilliant conjures up a picture made me smile


  2. karen says:

    must be somthing going round i have been dizzy all week nearly blacked out got sent for ecg all okay but still woozy x


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