Red nose day – weight watchers – standup etc

1-DSC08407I’ve been weak with a ‘fall down virus’ for days  1-DSC08428 So I won’t be sporting the the fluffy red bobbles on an alice band on my head in aqua at the gym this morning. The tutor was keen to sell us all one last week so everyone could wear them in the pool today!  I didn’t like to dampen her enthusiasm and point out that they were probably made in China and if she hadn’t checked the dye, the pool could look like a battle scene  by coffee time.

Not least because – the more intense members have recently complained about others talking during the class and there is now a notice telling everyone to refrain…missed the furore/calamity that caused! All smacks of Enid Blyton and Malory Towers to me, lots of arguments at a boarding school.  Well I’m an oldie we didn’t have Harry Potter!

But a  gaggle of middle aged ladies with red bobbles – the mind boggles!

Weight watchers –  banned by the ‘watch committee’ have to be old to understand.   

Was going to put my naughtier  verses on youtube is on my ‘list of  things to do  before I die!’

List so far.

1) spend a week in a posh hotel in Venice – (Last time I went there, 20 years ago, lay groaning in St Marks Square with  ‘puppeteers back’ – was flown back on a stretcher! A major operation followed and several years of poor mobility.

2) get a decent crop of garlic on my allotment

3) see the soul  put back into NHS

4) Go in the Orient Express to Scotland

5) Take my campervan to the Orkneys

6) Catch some mackerel this summer without paying for a boat trip

7) Find the Shakespeare Company book shop on the left bank in Paris

8) Get rid of clutter

9) Do Cindy Brown’s Chat Show –

10) Learn to play my harp with the lovely Andrew well enough and to sing presentably ‘Both Sides Now’

1-DSC08431 Wow is that the time? Must get up !  Half an hour before –  Drama writing the Century 21 – Journal of Joskin 1938: Remarkable Events. Writing is beginning to take a bigger role in Fred’s life.

Honestly this story on Radio 4 is totally brilliant, OK not funny but so tender and truthful – fellow writers don’t miss it – been on for 15 minutes a day all week  – find it on iplayer.

Determined to see the ballet tonight with my son and daughter in law for his birthday, so must get up and test standing power. Seen the doctor, got non falling down tablets and  other tests for this and that next week – don’t bother to ask!

Which is all  beside the point,  but my friend Karen up north, loves a bit of ‘blather’!

Now for my chaotic standup -AGAIN!  I was on New Acts Night at Komedia but never watched the recording if it – got lost …this one is OK!  I am of course available for weddings, hen nights and bar mitzvahs …well could be! And ready to read my amazing verses  too at a price!

Film 6 minutes I think!

Now go pop pounds into tins and things around the city. Save the world in your very own red nose way!

DSC08161 - Copy

Serious NHS comment please see ‘God’s waiting room’ post

More about NLP see my SAD site – link on home page at the bottom.

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