Icy days and Ice Nights at ONCA

DSC07965-001Fantastic ice days and evenings at ONCA!

A tiny unassuming gallery in Brighton

at 14 St Georges Place, Brighton –  on now!

The launch ‘ Ice Night’ one of the series of events had three very different poets, Nancy Campbell, Hugh Dunkerley and John McCullough’s, read poems dedicated to the ice and Arctic.

I was particularly struck by Nancy Campbell who was writer in residence at Upernavick Museam, Greenland in 2012.  Her Pantoum was concerned with aspects of living in such a dramatic place and was truly beautiful.

She had poems about a hunter, talked about the language, gave lovely little strips with works and translations on them. Mine was ‘puttearpog which means leaps from one ice floe to another: dances’. How lovely is that!  I think she did more than simply read – the way she shared her experiences, art and poetry, challenged global warning but her lyrical poetry also soothed one’s soul.

Hugh Dunkerley confessed he had not got many poems about Ice, but read several from his various publication and you have to hand it to the guy, he had written some gems especially for the event.

John McCullough was well away, after all his latest book is called ‘Frost Fairs’, the title poem so beautifully describing a time when the Thames froze and stalls, entertainment and events took place on the ice. John also  shared some poetry that he is currently working on.

Several members were invited to join in an open mic session, there was wine during the interval and a wonderful range of art work.

Funds for the night were going to an orphanage for children of hunters who had losst their lives. Global warming sometimes robs hunters  of their instinctive skills and makes it is impossible to  keep safe whilst hunting on the ice

The mission of ONCA

To work with artists and communities to inspire a creative response to our changing environment and raise funds for front line conservation projects.

John’s poem recorded at the British Museam.

I remember was  also attracted by the beauty of the sign language translation which was done at the same time.  so hope is is not presumptuous to present it here in the spirit of  mixed media!


I was suffering from a weakness lurgy,  but would not have missed it for the world. But I didn’t take notes so don’t hesitate if you think I missed anything vital!

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