Lunch for a fiver in London – at Borough Market

1-DSC08557  Add the fare of  £10.50 return from Brighton to London Bridge and it’s  still a bargain – German Bratwurst sausage bun – wonderful hot salt beef in bread (or a bagel) – hog roast in a roll – curry and seafood paella, beef burgers, pies, pasties.

1-DSC08564 1-DSC08584 1-DSC08581 1-DSC08576

1-DSC08565 1-DSC08577 1-DSC08572 1-DSC08606

1-DSC08582 1-DSC08607 1-DSC08598 1-DSC08580 1-DSC08604 1-DSC08560 1-DSC08562

Cheerful stall holders – generous portions – happy customers – a few seats here and there

1-DSC08561 1-DSC08583 1-DSC085851-DSC08601

some tasty things to take home

1-DSC08566 1-DSC08611 1-DSC08599 1-DSC08608

and after lunch a stroll round the sights in the area.

08-DSC08615 07-DSC08616   1-DSC08626 6-DSC08613-001

06-DSC08618 3-DSC08621 2-DSC08622-001 30-DSC08559

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