Happy Easter to all the lovely people who check into my blog…

with Japanese ‘blown eggs’

1-DSC07061          1-DSC07061

1-DSC08665-001 1-DSC08666

I remember making these at Dulwich Art Gallery – they took a whole day!

I was getting bogged down with a role of part time carer, as well as work, so doing something creative was a great way to unwind.

Which reminds me even if you are not a carer, if you haven’t rung your Gran yet, get on that phone now!

If you are a carer try and get someone else to take a turn for a few hours.   If you know a carer why not offer a one-off break so that they can book into a session at Evolution Arts in Brighton.   They don’t do Japanese eggs but they offer creative things and sometimes have one off sessions with tea and cakes  thrown in for good measure!

Happy Days!


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