Easter bonnets, life, the world and everything…

Loved these little hats from my old house, recently discovered in the loft in a box, so today thrown together a little film.

2-sllver hat 5-fusia hat 6-pale pink hat-001 4-yellow hat-001

Been up and about going to one of two special things like the ‘Pighog’ event the other day but have also been a bit weak following a virus, so taking things easy at the moment. Decided to make a few more films on my laptop. True it was rather more challenging singing sitting up in bed. but one has to be adaptable and at least I got a serenade from Alan on his violin!

This film lasts a minute.

I think I’ll have to call my latest films ‘fragments’ like my latest poems. Everything seems to be getting shorter and shorter of late!

Paul came over with the flowers so I clambered up and we ended up with a bit of nonsense for Mr Punch, about Easter eggs and investment, Mr Punch did mention Cyprus but it got edited out …seemed a bit too cruel!

Puppets, particularly in Europe, were originally created for satire, although I confess ours is  not very subtle today.

Paul is the only one in the family who is a Punch and Judy Professor. I was a marionette maker and performer among other things, now I am the only one left who can still string and operate a marionette…well on a good day!

8-joey and punhc-0017-croc-001 Think this film runs for 3 minutes 35 secs.

Finally, Judy got jealous of Popsie puppet’s  hat selection, so Mr Punch had to do something…this film lasts a minute too!

That’s how we carry on in this family on a good day, well that’s the  grown ups.  The grandchildren are at Uni or preparing to go to one and seem very grown up and sensible.

Must stop this nonsense and get back to a walk along the beach, my allotment and writing some new poems, well some day soon.

9-judy in hat-001Wow Judy, what an Easter Bonnet!

If you want the best of my marionette films go to ‘Home page’ and check out  ‘Scenes from Alice in Wonderland’ or ‘The Puppet Circus’…maybe going down hill rather than improving!

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