The April A to Z alphabet challenge!

O.K  a day or so late – so let’s pretend it’s April 1st .

A post a day for 26 days (except Sundays) following in the spirit of  Bridget Whelan’s

determination to join the international challenge of blogging the alphabet during April.

A is for anecodote  and Auntie Joyce

from my ‘Don’t throw away the daisies’ poetry book


Auntie Joyce

A liking for stew swimming

 with mutton and barley.

 Or was it because it went a long way

 with a family to feed

 in those post-war years?

 Adored wife of a faithful husband,

 whose gentle humour held a

 happy family together, who worked

 most of his life for Kelloggs.

 A respectable, responsible couple,

 pillars of the community,

 firm and forthright on the outside,

 soft and smiley on the inside,

 laughter her legacy.


Lovely link to Bridget –

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