April alphabet challenge – F is for festival of sand sculpture

F is for Festival of Sand Sculpture

1-DSC08748-001  1-DSC08774  1-DSC08768

Amazing sand designs – part of the Sand Sculpture Festival 2013 starting on Monday.

Unfortunately Brighton is not known for sand so they have had to have 2.000 tons delivered. Pity the pebbles wouldn’t hold their shape. I’d like the idea of using our local resources, perhaps someone could come up with a sculptural festival of art in pebbles flat on the beach.

Meanwhile so much to enjoy with this monumental effort! It will be a music timeline from Beethoven to Bieber. Sculptures of Jimi Hendrix, Beyonce and Lady Gaga among others. The sand is compacted down into boxes by a machine and the clay in the sand helps to keep it together.

There was a festival a few years ago but this one is different and will be interactive. There will be music from local bands, a competition for children and local graffiti artists will be encouraged to produce a wall of work to compliment the event.

Volks Railway joins in the fun with free rides to the site at Black Rock from the Sealife Centre. Tickets for the show are £8 for adults and £4 for children so unless you have your own bucket and spade and a secret supply of sand it may be best to join in.

DSC07860 DSC07856 DSC07855 DSC07861


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