Sunday a day of rest for poets, harpists and housewives

4-DSC07021 The view from 1-DSC07102from up here  is amazing1-DSC08430

But today I must stop day dreaming and do my harp practice. I am still a very slow learner (lessons brill but don’t practice enough) and am nowhere near an apprenticeship in heaven, with all those upmarket angels with golden wings playing subtle melodies.

True my harp has led me gently by the hand to ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ – my teacher has the patience of a saint and now  I have progressed to ‘Jumping’  and ‘Wooden Clog Dance’.  The latter sounds like a funeral dirge the way I play it but ‘Cuckoo’ is more optimistic.  It really sounds like a real cuckoo, well sort of!

1-DSC08792-001So for my sins Sunday is my day of rest,  I’ll think about  goodly things like the hoovering,  making a proper dinner,  shoving the washing in the machine, or maybe just walk along to Rottingdean now that I am feeling so much better after the virusy thing.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to the alphabet challenge and G – umm there is God (though I’m not a real believer person in any formal sense), goodly deeds, Goldilocks, G for getting back to losing weight, get rich quick … and other meaningful enterprises!  Ummm we will see!

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