April alphabet challenge – H is for happinesss

1-DSC08840 Today things that make me happy at random – although I think that happiness is often the ability to live in the moment. To avoid untimely gossip, to maintain one’s health if one can, to endeavour to be kindly and to hope for the best.

So here goes – my adorable sons – pic taken in the 70s.

My boys and I on a visit to Sea Life in the 80's

My lovely and sometimes crazy grandchildren – now grown up

My favourite pic of grandchildrenWe are all waiting for the new tram service in Croydon about 8 years ago

where did the time go?

The bluebells at Heaven farm – love the place.

blue bells

 Things include my great aunt’s pastry cutters – I just love the design – and the memories of her making biscuits.

Sadly she  lost her potential husband in the Great War, another reminder of our privileged lifestyles.


‘Pop in and write poetry’  at the Open Art Cafe in Rottingdean –

I love the sessions and the poets.


Simon’s tortoise


The tortoise  (for Bridget)

When the tortoise crawls out of hibernation from the box of straw

will the rings of her ancient shell shield her from regret

will her wrinkly head recall the sound of that voice

the haunting echo of her wild warm laugh as it’s mouth

takes it’s first bite into a life sustaining lettuce leaf?

Are tortoises bereft of feeling?  Is that the secret of their longevity?

Our best friends Jean and Mado Roy, who are French.

Mado and Jean our best mates!

Eating Apricots in France
(for Jean and Mado)

Under the sun umbrella
on the terrace
old friends meet.
Watching the mist on mountains
listening to the call of the cowman
urging his herd to milking.
Eating apricots, sipping wine,
a gentle informality,
born of shared memories.


The orchids on the window seat – I usually buy them reduced and past their best and then nurture them!

‘Liberace’ a marionette shares their grandeur!


One of the presents students from Japan brought for my mother. She became the Principal of the Royal School of Needlework at 60!  ‘One day you’ll get a proper job’ she used to say! The cheek of it, I had had three! The gifts are all handmade!


A tree-house – absolutely love it -not mine unfortunately.


Sunsets – two of many.

A bold brassy celebration Sussex sky x


A cheeky squirrel in the Pavilion Gardens.

DSC08074 My harp is happiness – I have been learning if for three months. Wonderful teacher Andrew Ballantyne convinced me I could learn to play, read music and found the harp!

1-DSC08792-001Mickey Mouse films – that used to be a Christmas highlight in the 60s  -Hugh Darrington has transferred these battered old ones to dvd.

A great guy who makes funny films himself and with an autobiography to his name  called ‘Strawberries to the Moon’ on Kindle – available on Amazon.


The allotment on the Weald – I have a whole web ‘for love of my allotment’ and a page on this one devoted to the plot!


My cousin in California who was in the Fleet Air Arm and won medals for bravery. A dear man who now emails me ‘Dear Octopus’ with tales of his life and love for Louise his wife.

20120301 John

The mittens Catherine Meak made for me, very special –  I call them poets mittens.


My amazing garden birds.


My long suffering partner Alan who plays wonderful music, does  most of the washing up and who often checks my posts!

DSCF0043Happiness is great but is often fleeting and personal – I still try to hang on to it don’t we all?

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