April alphabet challenge – i is for ink

day trippers  Ink  sketch of people on Brighton beach in the 60s. 1-DSC06675-001

Lots of people say they can’t draw, but much of that is due to being put off early in life! There was a brilliant book called ‘Drawing from the right side of the brain’ by Betty Edwards  and now there is  a new updated version  on Amazon. It is guaranteed to remove inhibitions.

Famous painters who have pictures in galleries were always sketching in note books. There are often artists’ sketch books available to view in places like the RA but no doubt you can look them up online too. Art to me is food for the soul.

I only dabble with painting. I didn’t go to art school but did art as a main subject for my teaching cert. In those days it meant I studied different aspects of art for my own development, but it was all part of the overall training to be a primary school teacher.

I trained with the one and only class of daytime mature students who were taken on by Coloma in Croydon because the council gave them a grant to do so.   Coloma was a Catholic college run by nuns and was residential for eighteen year olds  – often from Ireland. Not many of the mature students were Catholic, and as it was a new venture for the college there was some confusion as to how would fit in,  but also a lot of fun.

I still love pen and ink as a medium and often do  sketches to illustrate poems.

1-DSC056271-DSC05629  DSC04502-001 

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