Along the coast from Brighton – both sheep and cows may safely graze

1-DSC07578-001  DSC07581

These sheep are near Ovingdean gap and you can hear Bach’s ‘Sheep may safely graze’  – on the link below. I don’t know too much about classical music but many people will recognise this – great for a dull April day!

And of course along the coast we have Roedean School high up on a hill, with cows sometimes safely grazing on the field next to it.

DSC08286 DSC08288-002

One thing just leads to another – on the music site for this Bach recording someone had said they ‘discovered the music by reading Dodie Smith’s ‘I capture the castle.’  I was recommended that book a while ago but did I actually finish it? Probably not – so must be time for catch up with stuff  and listen to the music into the bargain!

Oh, and the good shepherd who watches over the sheep is not Christ, but none other than Duke Christian according to this site full of interesting information and lovely pictures.

Note – there may be a few seconds of ads at the beginning of the film link – ads  often pay for the copyright on free downloads. If you can find the right button you can ‘skip’ ads or be patient for a minute of two and wait for the grazing.

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