Feral Theatre – White Bear River – Ice Nights at Onca in Brighton

4-actress 1-001 1-musician 1-actress 2  The Feral Theatre presented extracts from it’s new work in progress ‘White Bear River’ featuring an episodes is the life of 18th Century explorer George Cartwright with live music and puppetry.  A packed house for this truly dramatic but incredibly sad story – devastating in content concerning the Inuit, their lives and survival – innovative and beautiful in intepretation – it kept the audience completely engrossed.1-damaged bear-001

If this is ‘work in process, I look forward to seeing the piece it’s final form – what a gem in it’s telling – what a tragedy – what a story – and with just three very talented performers, Persephone, Rachel and Tom!

5-musician 2 1-White Bear River still 1 1-the girls

ONCA is based in Brighton and a great little gallery, currently involved with events around the theme of ice – lovely paintings and prints and a warm welcome daily – Laura Coleman  is the director and works with a creative and dedicated team as well as volunteers.

Onca interacts with  artists -are involved in projects with schools and within the wider community in Brighton – they also support environmental charities.

Part of Onca’s mission as a trust  ‘aims to integrate art with environmental conservation.  We feel that in order to engage with the environment, it is important to raise awareness about how that environment is changing, as well as to encourage an active involvement with life around us.  We do this by telling stories, using art from all disciplines to think about our relationship with the natural world.

Note – someone’s camera ran out of battery and I just happened to have  mine – that’s why they got a film and full honours – but well deserved. Ann

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