April alphabet challenge – M is for Marionettes

Well what what you would expect from a puppeteer – I still have fond memories of most of my marionettes, workshops and performances.

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Puppets are the kind you hold in your hand by the way – they are called glove puppets – the ones with strings are called marionettes.

Rod puppets are different again and are designed for more dramatic movements than glove puppets.

I got a comment from Quebec this morning about a workshop I did at Saltdean Library – a few years back,  thanking me for ‘sharing’ – she was thinking of running  puppet workshops herself. It came as a bit of shock as it was the first comment I’ve had on this film, but isn’t the internet wonderful! I was so chuffed I’m giving it extra air space.

So here it is, in case you are not running the marathon and it’s still raining!

If you have read the home page you will know about our clowns, but if not, they were our most famous marionettes, very engaging too with their endless repartee!  I’ve recently found one performance on audio tape but have not had time to do anything with it.

The picture in the middle above is two of our Marionettes from the feature film ‘Oh What a Lovely War’ re-visiting the devastated West Pier many years later.

These are the clowns and the circus went to Buckingham Palace the late 50s, later to  parties in stately homes, where the owners were in still in residence and before the National Trust had taken the houses over!

The original show was minus the huge clumsy elephants – but with the addition of the Teddy Bears picnic (on youtube puppethouseuk) with other musical numbers and some of  the characters from Alice and Peter Pan.

In later years the show was part of elaborate marionette musicals in summer seasons in Blackpool and Scarborough.

If by any chance you are reading this and thinking of running puppet workshops yourself  ‘Creating Cinderella’ made with people with physical or learning disabilities will give you more step by step information about the making and performing with rod puppets.

You will also have to look at script writing, I try and get participants involved, but it is very time consuming, so often end up writing them myself. There is a post here somewhere with a 5 min Cinderella script maybe a fun way to start?

I was lucky to get Lottery Funding to run  Creating Cinderella = the workshops at Saltdean Library were done for free, with friends helping out – I tend to avoid putting creative energy into things for free these days – except blogging, poetry and making my films of course!

Having done this post realised I could have had a rest – the International alphabet challenge doesn’t happen on Sundays. Never mind it will be short and sweet tomorrow. Not following it slavishly anyway but seemed an interesting idea!

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