April alphabet challenge – N is for Nothing doing!

DSC08336 - Copy - Copy

1-DSC08335 Well after doing the alphabet challenge on Sunday, when it wasn’t necessary, because the rules state everyone can rest on Sunday. I decided to take the easy way out and say ‘nothing doing’ for Monday.

But nevertheless there is a good supply of narcissi on the grass opposite the bus stop in Saltdean and the garden is showing signs of Spring at last!

1-DSC08867 1-DSC08856 1-DSC08857 1-DSC08858 1-DSC08859 1-DSC08861 1-DSC08862 1-DSC08863 1-DSC08865-001

Did I say that I suffer from slight number blindness, its bit on the lines of dyslexia but for arithmetic and maths, so I get muddled with dates and numbers without even trying,  so that’s my excuse for getting the days muddled for the letters of the alphabet.

I even forget my own childrens’ birthdays unless I am reminded and have no idea how old anyone is including me, which is a distinct advantage! But it all proved to be good material for my standup comedy! So its a case of every cloud…

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