Oh what a mess that was!

1-DSC08881 A big day for national events and here I am in little old Brighton still fiddling about trying to get the ‘International April Alphabet Challenge’ right!  How pathetic can one get! That’s retirement for you!

I know everyone else doing the challenge is busy with O today,  but that was yesterdays letter according to my calculations  and I’m ‘champing at the bit’ for P!

In my defence it’s still my discalculous at the heart of the problem, so I’ve put my stand-up comedy up  incase you missed it – after all it’s best to turn confusion into comedy.

Faithful followers who have seen it on the ‘home page’ – best sign in tomorrow!

  6 mins I think!

I blame all my  problems on my technical team at the top, but now I’ve got this far it seems a pity to give up. After all, I liked the idea and it keeps me writing something every day for a whole month!

May will be more restful – back to one or maybe two posts a week!

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