April alphabet challenge – Q is for Queen


This lovely sign above a pub near the Steine

is the pettiest queen I can manage today,

but as Brighton is considered  to be the ‘gay’

capital  of the country plenty of  ‘queens’ must abound!

A nonsense poem about a King, Queen and a Jester

you need  to feel in very childish  mood to read it!

The Green Tights

 The king was feeling tetchy;

he did not like the cold.

He had to wear his socks in bed

which made him feel so old.

The Queen said, “Get up darling

you’ve got to rule the land,”

and swept out to cut some roses

with secateurs in hand.

The Princess Pearl was dreaming

of a Prince down by the lake.

With bug eyed frogs, without a spell,

this was a big mistake.

The jester was in love with her;

he saw his chance at last.

He slipped into some fetching tights,

put on a froggy mask.

From a draughty castle window

the King saw a sorry sight,

a jumping green court jester

with very manly thighs.

The princess said “For goodness sake

I know you are a fake”,

and pushed the hapless jester

into the froggy lake.

The King called “Stop this nonsense,

but where did you get those tights?

They look so warm and cosy

they would keep me warm at night.”

The Queen called out “I’ll knit you some

but you’ve got a land to rule.

So please my dear get on with it

while I rescue the poor fool.”.

The Princess started laughing

at the poor jester’s fate,

as a handsome prince came riding

(well he would wouldn’t he?)

up to the castle gate.

He was tired of slaying dragons

and the queen had got a net.

So the jester jumped right into it

and everyone got wet.

The Princess and Prince were married

and the king is warm in bed,

wearing long green woolly tights

and his crown upon his head.

The Queen now runs their kingdom

with a dragon’s enterprise.

Her right hand man’s a jester

which comes as no surprise.

Thankfully the end!

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