April alphabet challenge – R is for reading

I was away on Saturday so catching up with the challenge – R for reading.

I love books, poetry books old and new, some modern novels, but old books on many subjects. I love the shape, texture, colour, smell and that’s all before the text. Some of them have really special end pages and interesting illustrations.

1-DSC05562A talk about the mysteries of ‘Imps, Fairies, Dragons and Giants’ and Sussex Folklore, given by Colin Manton – Lecturer in Local history at the Whiteways Centre, led me to acquire a copy of ‘The Spirit of The Downs’ by Arthur Becket.  This was because I noticed that Colin seemed to be referring to it quite a lot during his talk.

This proved to be a fascinating  book full of anecdotes collected in person by the author as well as historical fact and speculations.

As I get older I find I am a slower reader so really have to be keen to read a new book! This means for instance a modern novel has to come well recommended before I will buy it or borrow it from the library! However my optician told me recently that a good eye test and really effective glasses can change one’s perception. He was right, now armed with decent glasses from no less than ‘Eye Site’ in North Street, Brighton I am finding reading a lot easier.

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