April alphabet challenge – T is for Telegoons

The Telegoons were based on the famous ‘Goon Show’ the films were made in the 60s and I have just found the pics, a script and a film to download.

Major Bloodnok  Most people thought that the BBC made the series but they didn’t.  A small film company bought the scripts and decided to take it from there.

pics added to magical 003

My family make the pilot that led to the BBC buying the series. Later I was the first puppeteer on the scene for the series. It was hectic and often a mad experience.  One of the fun bits was being whizzed around on a ‘camera dollie’ by the camera crew with one’s hand up a puppet’s jumper, madly making it stick to it’s character and trying to ensure one got the  ‘the take’ in one!

Some of the long shots were done with look-a-like marionettes.

The worst problem was directors telling the puppets what to do despite sets full of special effect,  spiders webs, smoke machines etc, which  meant the puppeteers were probably near to choking to death! But in the end I did 15 episodes.

Ann's pictures 2 002

This year is the  50th  anniversary of the Telegoons – so they get a mention on this blog and the film is one of a series given to me by the creator of the Telegoon website. Think they are 20 minutes long – so you have to be keen!

The Goon Show Preservation Society are keen followers of everything ‘Goon’ and have regular meetings and events.

A second Telegoon post is now in existence – with a film link


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  1. After a break of several years, http://www.telegoons.org is back online! Come on over and say “ow”!

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