April alphabet challenge – X is for …well X

DSC07704-001It could be a kiss X –  or the shape of the sails on a windmill for ‘lateral thinkers’ (people who think out of the box).

But I’m for xylophone on balance, which reminds me of my first big romance! Falling for one of the guys who taught me to play ‘Tubular bells’ on an electronic version of the instrument in a summer show at Eastbourne Hippodrome.

The western xylophone

 This was my first big professional engagement with my marionettes. Graham Stark (of ‘Goon Show’ and ‘Carry On’ fame) was top of the bill, along with Billy Burden a somerset ‘yokel’ and Cherry Lind, a popular singer of radio fame

Those were the days of Doris Day and ‘Love and Marriage’.  That’s what most girls aspired to.

 ‘Naughty girls’ indulged in  ‘heavy petting’ as it was called. There was no birth control so if you ‘went too far’ wedding bells often followed.  The baby born seven or eight months later was politely referred to as premature.

Most girls were warned about such ‘malarky’ so my big romance was probably a few kisses in a beach shelter on the way home from the theatre – if there was any more to it – my lips are sealed!

Is today’s sexually permissive world any happier I wonder?


Pics from Ann’s cabaret act.

Can Can


ostich with egg btp

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