Foxton Locks near Market Harborough

Following Mario’s poetry course last Saturday in Market Harborough,

1-DSC08929we went along to  Foxton Locks, walked in the sun and enjoyed some music in the pub nearby.

1-DSC08951-001 1-DSC08947 1-DSC08938 1-DSC089411-DSC08944 1-DSC08952 1-DSC08962  1-DSC08961

On Sunday we took a walk along part of the disused train track that my partner had not explored the day before. Listened to the birds singing, got wet walking through a long dark tunnel without a torch and marvelled at the enterprise of the early railway builders.

1-DSC08994 1-DSC08987 1-DSC08974 1-DSC08976

Our spirits refreshed by the change of scene,  we trundled back to Brighton in the afternoon, when it was quieter on the motorway, and arrived home suitably reinvigorated.



Film lasts 5 mins – second part brilliant band playing in local pub

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2 Responses to Foxton Locks near Market Harborough

  1. karen says:

    Have been catching up on your posts delighted to find this one. When Doug and I lived on the boat we went through the Foxton locks we managed to do it all wrong and flood them we had never done staircase locks before, the poor lock keeper was not amused and went a funny purple colour. x

  2. ann perrin says:

    These things are really funny in retrospect, noticed a new profile pic is that a new edition?

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