April alphabet challenge – Z ‘Whoops – sorry yes it is a Zebra!’

The last of the April international  1-DSC09103alphabet challenge, thank goodness for that – blogging everyday is a bit too much for anyone!  But at least I’ve found this cute zebra for the finale!

This particular zebra should be a minor celebrity, after all he did appear in hundreds of Road Safety Shows in London schools in the 60s

In those far-off days  children needed to learn the Green Cross Code  to make sure they could cross the road safely and there were also Tufty clubs featuring a with a squirrel.

Our Road Safety Shows linked humour with the serious message of safety. Our finale was always Billy Cotton’s ‘We  must have safety on the Queen’s Highway’ and in would bounce the zebra, a bit like Tigger in ‘Winnie the Pooh’ stories.

Ron and Joan Field’s Road Safety Show

roadsafety1.jpg - 14691 Bytes roadpc.jpg - 1764 Bytes tufty1.jpg - 1765 Bytes
earlsfield.jpg - 12778 Bytes
Children watching the show at Earlsfield School Tooting London (1965)
Our road safety shows were performed in many London Schools.
tufty2.jpg - 7467 Bytesimages taken from our puppethouse site -www.puppethouse.co.uk

Now I can get back to one or two posts a week and have more time to nip to the beach, pop over to the allotment,  do ‘sensible’ stuff like spring cleaning, hoovering and ironing…Oh no! Perhaps the challenge was a good idea after all!

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