A stones throw from Lambeth Place

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Was sad to see the County Hall full of cheap food outlets and various tourist traps. Although part of it appears to be a hotel and we are told the top floors are posh appartments.

The blue plaque reminded me of my job in Adult Education, popping up to see one of the many education facilitators. I was a tutor for Streatham and Tooting Institute, but one of my tasks was to help set up conferences. I was 40 by then but like many others I was convinced education for all  would help to ‘change the world’ for the better.

Those  were the days when adult education classes were widely available and so varied some people were able to use them to improve basic skills, or simply for the pleasure of learning something new, while for others they became an opportunity to study a new subject and then even set up their own  business.

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Happily the wisteria, the boats, the rogue goose near Lambeth Palace cheered my spirits, before attending a course at the Poetry School. I guess I’m still drawn to further study and for me poetry offers an additional window on the world.

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