Evolution Arts – you can’t beat them for creativity and fun

1-DSC09350 1-DSC09362  1-DSC09352 1-DSC09373

Today it was one of their ‘Tea, cake and creativity sessions’.  I attended one of Tara Dakini’s courses last year and know that she is a talented and kindly tutor.   So off I went to her flower corsage workshop.


I tend to wear a flower in my hair and considering the prices in ‘Accessories’,  getting to grips with some of the techniques has got to be a winner. As Tara pointed out with a simple clip from ‘Super Drug’ – there you are!

1-DSC09359    Today she was as well prepared as usual with patterns, materials etc  and ready to show everyone, individually if necessary, how to complete each stage.

1-DSC09369   1-DSC09351 1-DSC09371

The student above came along with her  daughter, which is a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Sorry I missed a pic of her daughter  who made this unusual variation on the right!1-DSC09354

Lastly, Tara was persuaded to model a flower earring before 1-DSC09367 we all admired each other’s efforts  – below.1-DSC09363

The tea and cakes made it a very friendly event and finally we all went home, with our patterns and notes, fired up to play with fabrics and to create some more flowery masterpieces!

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1 Response to Evolution Arts – you can’t beat them for creativity and fun

  1. Ah! wish I was there…..

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