Off the beaten track – Lambeth Walk – London

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Pelham Mission Hall, Lambeth Walk. A curious building with an outside pulpit! Closed as a church sometime around 1970.

There is a great web site called ‘Spread the word’ that gives details of a walking tour around the area of Lambeth Walk, famous in the past for its market, the song ‘Lambeth Walk’ and has many associations with the pottery industry. The walk lasts a leisurely 1 and quarter hours.

(Taken from the website above)

‘A few doors further on, after Wade Court, you’ll come to an unusual
redbrick building: the Henry Moore Sculpture Studio, part of Morley
College. It used to be the Pelham Mission Hall built in 1910 and
initially used by St Mary’s Church which we’ll be visiting later.

Perhaps some older residents remember preachers addressing market-goers
from the unusual outdoor pulpit.

Although the doors are kept firmly
shut there’s lots of activity going on inside. Up to 225 students of all
ages, backgrounds and experiences, pass through its doors each week,
taking various sculpture and metalwork courses.’

Further along the way of course is The Poetry School where I am heading most Tuesdays  for a new course with Tim Dooley!

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1 Response to Off the beaten track – Lambeth Walk – London

  1. An outdoor pulpit – gorgeous idea. (although not sure I would have wanted to be harangued about my wicked ways on the way to buy a pound of potatoes…) Thanks for this, Ann

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