Hey! Is it time to put your ‘thinking hat’ on?

DSC08187 Could be for those with an instinct for poetry and who were born,  work or live in Sussex.  Brighton has got a new competition and you have all summer to come up with a winning poem!

So come on, could it be a walk in the woods, a plant, a dream, a desire, a mood, something completely obscure, that will get your creative juices flowing? Who knows? Or maybe you have got a poem in a drawer that could do with refreshment?

Open to new poets and the more experienced and to be judged by Dr. John McCullough, prizewinning poet and teacher of creative writing at the University of Sussex. His first poetry collection, The Frost Fairs (Salt), won the Polari Prize for 2012. He also happens to live in Brighton.            A group called Rottingdean Writers initiated this comp. and gained sponsors, so well done them!

07-DSC09459  1-DSC08427    DSC08235 DSC08133 

The rules and entry form can be downloaded by clicking on the link below


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